Rwanda is generally a small land-locked country found in eastern Africa naturally endowed with different wildlife species including the internationally famed mountain gorillas (Gorilla Berengei Berengei). It is assumed that there are about 350 of these living within the forests of Volcanoes national Park (Parc Nationale Des Volcans) on the mountain slope of the Virunga Mountains. This park is found in the north eastern part of the country and it’s the only place you can enjoy a Gorilla trekking Safari in Rwanda. Over the recent years Mountain gorillas have played and are still playing a very big role in acting as ambassadors on the international scene of Rwanda’s amazing tourism and play an essential role in potential. In addition, tourism activities affiliated with gorillas have been one of the top contributors to the country’s foreign earners. Rwanda receives thousands of visitors each year who come to take part in the amazing Gorilla watching Safaris as well as other tourism activities and it’s for that reason that this sector has been a fundamental driving factor to Rwanda’s economy. Today, there are ten habituated gorilla groups and just as it is in Uganda, each of these groups can be visited by a maximum of eight (8) people each day. For anyone to take part in this amazing wildlife adventure, they must have a gorilla trekking permit and each of these costs US $ 1500 per day per person, and the best part of this is that each time you take part in this amazing adventure you contribute to the conservation of this endangered species.

Our company offers you a once in a lifetime experience to personally foot through the verdant forests of the Volcanoes National Park as you look for these stunning hairy forest giants which share so much of their DNA with man. Very early in the morning you will assemble at the park headquarters where you will be briefed about the do’s and don’ts of the activity, be assigned to the gorilla group you will be trekking as well as be offered guides who will lead you on this forest quest. By 8:00am, you will be out in the forest started on the trekking. We greatly advice our clients to make the best of the hour one they will spend with the gorillas: taking photographs and recording videos. Fortunately gorilla safaris can be taken as a solo tourist activity or be added other tourist activities in Rwanda. Check out our various Rwanda Gorilla Trekking Safaris below and contact us to make your Reservation today.