Dennis Dease Foundation

1000 SGTS has a vested interest in the children of Uganda most especially orphans and vulnerable children in families with double orphans and people having HIV/AIDs. Dennis Dease Foundation is an organization that supports children & young people through formal  , vocational education in Uganda; through the provision of comprehensive holistic support ranging from direct support to education institutions; to financial and non-financial support to families; care and treatment services like community health clinics, awareness and education events, home based care support, economic empowerment empowerment through skills development, foster youth empowerment and leadership skilling.

DD Foundation motivation is to contribute to a meaningful and fulfilling life for underprivileged children and youth who come from deprived families without access to education because of the limited access to financial resources. The organization was formed om 18th June 2016 by a group of volunteers with a passion for education.

Registered originally as a community based organization (CBO), the group offered support to   children through the education system in Nkumba Kisembi as an outreach. This number has since grown to 130 young people being supported through various ways ranging from direct to indirect support of young children through the education system.

The group felt a need to create a world where every child has the access to an inclusive, holistic and quality life through education which will enable them live more fulfilled lives. When young people are given an opportunity to be educated, they become a force to reckon with in their communities as they are set to provide a better future for their families and the country at large. African youth need quality education thus; the group felt that it was inevitable then that challenges that hinder the young people from accessing education are addressed so as to secure a brighter future for the young people and for generations to come. The DD Foundation as an NGO would try to address these most pressing challenges mentioned above.

The Foundation is named in honor of Reverend Father Dennis Dease for his unwavering commitment to and compassion for the children and people of Uganda. Father Dennis Dease has contributed immensely to the less fortunate in Uganda by way of medical care, education, friendship, and love. As the President Emeritus of the University of St. Thomas in Minnesota, USA, Reverend Father Dennis Dease continues to live out the University’s tagline to “challenge yourself, change our world” as he commits to the Catholic mission and offers his humble service with grace, humility, strength, and compassion. As a servant-leader who cares deeply about the wellbeing of communities and children in Uganda and around the world, we look to him and honor him as we live out the mission of the Dennis Dease Foundation.

As 1000 SGTS continues to grow and develop as will our charitable giving. We are proud to support the latter initiatives and the work they do to make Ugandan communities sustainable and thriving. For more details please visit our site.