We offer you the latest guide on mountain gorilla trekking within the D.R Congo, the cost of a gorilla permit, the best time to see the gorilla, the available accommodation as well as all the necessary information required to book a Gorilla trekking Safari in Congo. Well in the Democratic Republic of Congo, mountain gorillas can be seen within Virunga National Park also a UNESCO Heritage site. Located on its eastern border with Uganda and Rwanda, the park covers a total land-area of 7800 square kilometers offering habitat to approximately 200 gorillas. Of the three (3) countries in Which the mountain gorillas can be seen., the Congo offers the cheapest gorilla permits each of these costs $400 per person. The permits must be obtained before going for the trek. However during the wet months, of April and May as well as October and November, these permits are discounted to $350 per permit. Although mountain gorilla trekking is an activity considered to be conducted all year round, we advice all our clients to visit the gorilla territory during the dry months and avoid the wet months of Mid-March, April and May (the long rains), and then October to November (during the short rains) when the forest trails are very muddy and slippery.

Another thing to keep in mind is that December is a very busy month in the tourism sector, so it is always wise to book your trekking permit at least three 3 months earlier if you are planning to trek in this month. Although this activity is very enjoyable and memorable, only persons over the age of 15 years are allowed to visit the gorillas. There are a number of rules that should be strictly followed in order to best enjoy this activity and below are some of them. Always maintain a seven meter distance away from the gorillas, avoid any form of flashy photography when taking photographs or recording videos, do not eat, drink or even smoke while in the presence of the gorillas. In case you feel sick or with any infection you will not be allowed to visit the gorillas, please kindly inform the park rangers of your sickness. Always turn your face away while sneezing or coughing and don’t forget to cover your mouth and nose.